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02/02/2022 NEWSLETTER

02 Feb, 2022

Dear IAH Flight Attendants:

After many cancelled meetings, we were finally able to get the agenda item to make IAH it’s own council presented to the Executive Board and voted on January 31, 2022. The Executive Board voted unanimously to make IAH Mesa AFA Council 44 effective March 1, 2022! Congratulations and thank you to all the volunteers that stepped forward to build the infrastructure necessary to make this happen! 

Temporary Officers have been appointed and will serve until a new election is held and those elected take over. Your temporary officers are:

Temporary LEC President: Sam Polyzou. Sam has served as a grievance representative, LEC Sec, and most recently, LECVP, all in Council 56. She has the knowledge and experience to build this new council.

Temporary LEC Vice President: Richard Melim. Richard has been with Mesa for a year but comes to us with the background of being a representative for CWA in his former employment. Richard recently completed grievance training and will be training to participate in discipline meetings in the near future.

Temporary LEC Secretary: Shannon Harris. Shannon has been with Mesa for a little over two years and has been engaged with the union from the beginning. Shannon has completed grievance training and will also be training to participate in disciplinary meetings in the near future. 

What happens next:

As IAH is still Council 56 until February 28, 2022, those of you that are members in good standing will receive nomination ballots in the mail for Council 56 Officer elections. You may nominate yourself or any member in good standing in PHX or IAH for an Officer position. However, Council 44 will be up and running prior to the actual elections for Council 56 will be held. This means anyone that is based in IAH will not be able to vote for Council 56 Officers. Anyone from IAH nominated for Council 56 Officer positions will be removed from the Council 56 ballot. 

Council 44 will have nominations and elections for Officers starting approximately June 1, 2022. The Council 44 elected Officers will serve a term from the date of election until December 31. 2022 to align with the Election Category 1 as per the Constitution and Bylaws of AFA. 

We are excited to have Council 44 join Council 56 and 88 to provide representation of Mesa Flight Attendants and look forward to working with both the temporary and elected Officers from IAH! 

Please watch for further updates as Council 44 gets started and grows! 

In Unity,

Your MEC Officers


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