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Negotiation Updates

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AFA Proposal Opener


  • Make language of CBA gender neutral.

  • Grammar clean up.

Section 1 - Recognition, Scope and Successorship

  • Current book.

Section 2 - Definitions

  • amendments to be proposed.

Section 3 - Compensation

  • New:  Begin flight pay thirty (30) minutes prior to departure.

  • Amend 3.A.1. Hourly rate increase.

  • Amend 3.A.2. Change “Anniversary Date” to “Longevity Date”.

  • Amend G.2. and G.3 and add new G.4.:

    • The most senior flight attendant shall choose whether to work a flight if one flight attendant is pulled from the flight.

  • Flight Attendant pulled may be reassigned to other flights within footprint.  If not reassigned, pay protected and released.

  • Increase Deadhead pay to 100%.

  • Delete 3.H.2. – Contradicts Section 7.D.7.a.

  • Amend 3.H.3.  to include Time spent in transportation towards flight and duty time limitation. 

  • Amend 3.N. Reduce length of layover to 24 hours scheduled or unscheduled.  Increase pay credit to four (4) hours for each 24 hour period or part thereof or scheduled flying, whichever is greater.

  • Amend 3.O. increase guarantee to 76 hours or “Me Too” with pilots, whichever greater.

  • Amend 3.P.2. Change phrase “for each bid” to “for each leg.”

  • Eliminate examples of 3.P.2.

Section 4 – Sick Leave

  • No penalty or points charged for use of accrued sick leave.

  • Ability to use picked up trips from Open Time on days off to reduce “occurrence points”.

  • Amend 4.A. – include probationary Flight Attendants.  Increase accrual.  Eliminate 200-hour cap on sick time accrual.

  • Amend 4.F. – eliminate non-probationary requirement. 

  • Amend 4.G. – Add “rapid re-accrual” of sick time following catastrophic Illness/Injury; maternity.

Section 5 - Vacation

  • Amend Section 5.A.3.c. – Increase Vacation - Pay to four (4) hours per day.

  • Add additional week to Flight Attendants with 10+ years of seniority.

  • Add additional two weeks to Flight Attendants with 15+ years of seniority.

  • Additional three weeks to Flight Attendants with 20+ years of seniority.
  • Add new 5.C.5.e. – Move section 7.F.2.c.v. to here.

  • Add additional week of hours  (numerical amount dependent on negotiated vacation pay) available to Flight Attendants to buy (VBP).

Section 6 - Expenses

  • Increase domestic per.

  • Yearly increase to domestic per diem in accordance with increase in CPI.

  • Include Canada and Mexico to destinations triggering International Per Diem.

  • Reimbursement for delivery charges when hotel fails to provide transportation to obtain food.

  • Eliminate requirement or option that flight attendants drive personal or rental vehicle.

  • Company pay cost for all transportation in advance.

  • Move “hotels” to new section.

  • Add new 6.B.8.e. – Criteria for hotels will be no less favorable than that applicable to pilots; Star rating no less than three, unless agreed with by AFA. 

  • Hotels outside of continental United States will be all inclusive (room, meals, drinks, etc. included for one price) when possible. 

  • Accommodation for unscheduled layovers will be booked in 3 star rated hotels or better.

  • Six company provided hotel rooms for commuters per quarter.

  • Amend 6.B.1. to eliminate requirement that pilots be provided hotel accommodation as a condition precedent to flight attendant entitlement to hotel.

  • Limit Special Assignment to six consecutive months  within any twelve  month  period.

  • Special Assignment compensation and per diem to move to separate Special Assignment section.

  • Amend 6.E.4. to permit emailed copies of original receipts.

Section 7 – Scheduling and Hours of Service

  • Amend 7.A.2. to ten (10) hours unreducible rest  (to  conform with new  reg).  Delete second  sentence.

  • Amend 7.A.3.a.i. to restore all lost days off without regard to contractual minimums.

  • Amend 7.B.3. A Flight Attendant will not remain on duty in excess of eighteen (18) hours.

  • Amend 7.C.2. to provide 11 days off for each month for line holders; ten (10) days off in each month for reserve flight attendants.

  • 7.D.7.a. – clarify interpretation.  AFA intends to enforce as written.  No restriction on reserves to opt out of deadhead when it is the final leg of a trip.  

  • 7.D.8.b. Delete phrase “unless mutually agreed upon”.

  • 7.F.2.b. – Change availability of Pairing Package to 9th day of preceding bid period.

  • 7.F.2.c.v.  Move second sentence to 5.C.5.e.  Add note to refer to Section 5.

  • 7.G.1. amend as follows:

  • 7.G.3.g. Remove word “be” from first sentence. (Typo correction.)

  • 7.G.4.  Amend for clarification.  It is not intended to change the meaning, just make the sentence easier to understand. “Reserve lines will consist of days on call and days off duty.  Days on call will also contain reserve availability periods.”

  • 7.H.1.a.  Add “regular or reserve” prior to “Flight Attendant lines.”

  • 7.H.1.c.  New PBS vendor will not be changed without AFA approval.  Approval will not be unreasonably withheld.

  • 7.H.1.d. New  The cost of any PBS apps will be paid by the Company.

  • 7.H.1.e.  Training to be developed between Company and AFA.  Training to be conducted by AFA.  Company will provide reasonable Flight Pay loss incurred by AFA PBS member(s) associated with PBS New Hire Training.  Company will not seek reimbursement of Flight Pay loss from Association.

  • 7.H.2.b.  Strike the term “currency hierarchy” to “early, base and grace” by seniority within each group.

  • 7.H.2.d.& e.  Begin each paragraph with “Other than a Flight Attendant returning from OJI.”  No change in meaning intended.  Intent is to make language easier for Flight Attendant to understand.

  • 7.H.4.h.i.  Change Association’s scheduling committee to MEC President  or  designee (twice).

  • 7.H.4.h.ii.  Company will not set threshold higher or lower than the window value.

  • New:  Need date certain upon which paperwork must be submitted to establish eligibility for bidding.

  • New:  Flight Attendants can marry trips.

  • New:  window values:

       37.5 to 52  Reduced credit.

       76 to 83  Minimum Credit.

       83 to 97  Average Credit.

       97 to 110  Maximum Credit.

  • 7.J.4.b.  Strike b. “Nine (9) hours free from duty between trips.”

  • 7.J.4.c.  Strike “when subject to reduced rest the previous trip.”

  • 7.J.4.d.  Change to a. and b. (result of elimination of “c”).

  • 7.J.5.b.  Amend: Allow trip splits in a domicile. If trip is split, no deadhead to home or domicile will be provided.

  • 7.J.6.b.  Change 48 to 72 (same each time 48 hours is mentioned for aggressive reserve bidding).

  • 7.J.8.a. and b.  No earlier than 5 hours prior to departure nor later than 1 hour prior to departure. Less than 1 hour will be at Company discretion.

  • New: May trade from “bad” day to “worse” day.

  • New:  7.J.9. Non-flying flight attendants must submit requests to pick up trips from Open Time no less than 72 hours prior to the start of the trip.

  • 7.M.4. change to must begin in a base, not domicile.

  • 7.N.1. Notification must be made by positive contact via telephone.

  • 7.N.2. Increase call out time to 2 hours or “Me Too” to match pilots.

  • 7.N.6.b.2.  Change to six (6) hours of Ready Reserve.

  • 7.O.2. add new subparagraphs. Contact by telephone call from Crew Scheduling via positive contact.

  • 7.T.6. Junior assigned or extension into day off – day off to be returned without restriction.

  • 7.W.1. and 2.  delete.

  • 7.W.3.b.  Junior assignment pay and extension pay both to be paid at 200%.

Section 8 – Leaves of Absence

  • Amend 8.E.  Add rapid re-accrual of Sick time following Maternity Leave.

  • Strike “online or offline passes” from 8.E. Maternity Leave.

  • 8.C.2.  With Documentation - Full pay for each day of Jury Duty.

  • At Flight Attendant request, letter may be obtained from company to assist securing possible release from jury duty.

  • Full credit for missed trips.

  • Reserve Credit for reserve day.

  • 8.I. Move “longevity” from “union leave” and transfer 8.I. to Section 19.

  • New Voluntary Leave - 8.J. – Company may offer voluntary leave at any domicile.  The duration of the leave will be one or more full bid month increments.  Bidding for the leave will be done prior to the opening of the monthly bidding process and awarded in Seniority order.  A flight attendant awarded a voluntary leave may cash out their vacation during the leave and the Cabin Crew member will accrue seniority and longevity.  The Flight Attendant will also be entitled to flight benefits and insurance as if active during leave.

  • Add virtual doctor’s note language.

Section 9 - Uniforms

  • 9.K.  Change Dry Cleaning to $50 Gift card.  Move 9.K. to Section 3.D.

Section 10 – Filling of Vacancies

  • 10.A.3. Hardship transfers must also be approved by the MECP.

Section 11 - Seniority

  • 11.A.  Need to clarify when date of hire occurs.

  • 11.F.2.  Remove management Flight Attendants from base roster, e.g.

  • Long term special assignment

  • Base admin et al.

  • 11.F.4.  Cross trained employees who are not in inflight may remain on Global Roster no longer than six months.

Section 12 - Probation

  • 12.A.          Probationary period of nine months with no exceptions/no extensions.  Probationary Flight Attendants must be on same attendance policy as non probationary.

Section 13 – Agency Shop and Dues Check Off

  • Update if necessary.

  • Deduct back dues from paychecks and awards.

Section 14 – Grievance Procedure

  • 14.A.2.  Add “or designee” at end of last sentence.  Change “Union” to MEC President” or “designee” to end of first sentence.

  • 14.A.3.  Add “or designee” at end of first sentence.  Change “union” to MEC President or designee.  Add “or designee” after inflight.  Add “unless mutually agreed otherwise at end of last sentence. 

  • 14.A.4.  add “or designee.”  Change “Union” to “MEC President or designee”.

  • 14.A.5.  add “or designee” to the last sentence.

  • 14.B.1.a.  Add “the flight attendant will be notified of the precise reasons (e.g. topic for the meeting, as well as dates and flight number), if applicable etc.

  • 14.B.1.b.  Add to end of sentence, “But no sooner then 24 hours after notification.

  • 14.B.1.c.  Strike “with the exception of disciplinary meeting that involve final or conditional letters.  Strike last sentence.

  • 14.B.1.d.  Remove “her/his.”  Insert “a” prior to “first trip.” 

  • 14.C.4.  Change “grievance” to “grievant”.

  • 14.D.  Add mediation proposal.

.Section 15 – System Board of Adjustment

  • Revise arbitrator list.

Section 16 – Furlough, Displacement, Closing of Domiciles, and Recall

  • Add VLOA as referenced in Section 8.J.

Section 17 – Physical Examinations

  • Current book.

Section 18 – Moving Expenses

  • 18.B.  Change Guarantee to match Current Minimum Guarantee.

Section 19 – Union Activities

  • 19.B.  Company to pay 100% of the cost of printing the CBA.

  • 19.D.  Change “union” to “MEC President”.

  • 19.K.  Increase to two hours.

  • Add PBS Training to be conducted by MEC President or designee. Dates will be pre-scheduled by mutual consent in advance of bidding.  Company will absorb costs, including Flight Pay Loss, of training.

  • Add Company to provide 100 hours of Flight Pay Loss for MEC, 50 hours of Flight Pay Loss to each LEC. 

Section 20 – Hostage Benefits

  • Following release from hostage status, Flight Attendant to remain off work, with full pay and benefits, until such time Flight Attendant is released without restriction from continuing care provider.

  • Company will transport at Company expense remains of a deceased Flight Attendant to the Fight Attendant’s home or funeral/burial location.

  • In the event a Flight Attendant dies while a hostage, all death benefits will double dollar amount.

Section 21 – Insurance/Benefits

  • Insurance premiums to rise no more than 2% per calendar year.

Section 22 – Health & Safety

  • Company will be responsible for reasonable FPL for company meetings. 

  • Union ASHS chair will be member of “Go Team” for any accident or incident in which the Company’s Go Team responds.

  • Either MEC President or ASHS Chair will be included in all accident interviews with Company or Government Agency.

  • 22.A.  Number of ASHS Safety representatives should equal amount of Company representatives in a meeting.

  • 22.B.  Add critical response procedures in the event of aircraft accident or incident.

Section 23 - Training

  • A.2.a.  – A flight attendant will be provided at least 30 days notice for LMS. 

  • D.3  - eliminate.

  • E.4. – Unless on VLOA, A Flight Attendant will not be required to requalify for the duration of the leave. 

  • Strike second sentence of E.4.

  • Strike “or be offered light duty, if available”.

  • Strike fourth sentence, “if available”.

  • Add that a Flight Attendant who becomes unqualified will remain on unpaid status until requalified.

  • Strike E.5.

  • No individual will be trained to be a Mesa Flight Attendant who will not have attained 21 years of age prior to graduation.

Section 24 – Management Rights

  • Current book.

Section 25 – No Strike/Lockout

  • Current book.

Section 26 - General

  • Positive space transportation will be provided to a flight attendant to be able to view any and all their employment files.

  • G.1. – 4.  Change from points to two earned days off.

  • H. - Change to “MEC President or designee”.

Section 27 – Non-Discrimination

  • The Company and Union recognize the value of a diverse Flight Attendant workforce and share a mutual commitment to a workplace free of discrimination in which it is unacceptable to engage in offensive behavior based on protected categories. The Company shall not discriminate with regard to terms and conditions of employment based on age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation (including same-sex marriage), veteran status, or any other protected category under applicable law, Notwithstanding the foregoing, certain differences in benefits may exist between married and non-married Flight Attendants, domestic partners or same-sex spouses and opposite-sex spouses to comply with applicable state and federal tax laws. 

Section 28 – Commuter Policy

  • Modify Commuter Policy.

    • Change listing for travel requirement.

    • Change Commuter Hotel parameters.

    • Develop procedure for Flight Attendant to track balance. 

    • “Me Too” with pilots regarding ability to use policy when delays enroute prevent contact with Crew Scheduling.

    • Other changes, TBD.

Section 29 - EAP

  • Move Section 29 to follow Health and Safety.

  • G.1.  Catastrophic Events resulting in a trip removal will not break Perfect Attendance (Personal or Off-Line Status).

  • G.3  Strike on or off line and “as outlined in Company’s pass policy”.

  • G.6.  strike “a pass” and “domicile (if air service is provided by code share partners”.

  • Add “airport of residence”.

  • Add a subsection covering pandemic, plagues, natural disasters, personal emergencies, state of emergency as declared by government.

Section 30 - Duration

  • As per TA.

Letters of Agreement

  • As determined TBD